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Compassionate Leave

Compassionate leave can be given if there is an emergency at home. It is only relevant if the person involved in the emergency is registered as the next of kin or an immediate family member. The next of kin is decided and recorded before they deploy.

If you do have an emergency then, the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) should always be your first point of contact.  There number is 01452 519951 and is manned 24hours a day, 7 days a week.  


If you are unsure as to what “emergency” covers then refer to the guidance from your families federations or speak to your welfare office. There are loads of people who can answer any questions you may have – just don’t be afraid to ask!







If your baby is due while they are away then expectant Dads are given approximately 2 weeks leave so they can be at the birth. Sadly, fathers are not flown home on compassionate grounds for the birth of a baby. Perhaps his R&R could be arranged at the time baby is due. Try to organise that although they wont arrange it if hes not been out there long or if the end of tour is close to the birth either.


To tell him he is a Daddy phone Welfare just after you have given birth with all the details of weight and sex etc. and they will let him know within hours. That will put a huge smile on his face and soon all his mates will know and be smiling too with loads of congratulations. So keep that in mind. Smiles all around with google smiles from baby to match your own.


But don’t panic if you are 8 months pregnant and about to wave your husband off for a 6 month tour. These things always have a way of working out and when he does get home and meet your baby for the first time, it will be just as special for all of you.